Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uhm... February is almost done

And I am far from done! I finally got all the patterns traced that I need for my mini-swap. Yesterday the pesky small child slept a good 2 hours so I was able to get 4 items 90% cut out. Still need to cut the linings and interfacing. Both pants are cut so I'm going to start those as soon as I get a chance to sew.

I did actually complete a few things not related this month. I recycled a Hawaiian shirt for ds for Hawaiian shirt day tomorrow. I used one of dh's old ones, even kept the tags and everything. I'll post it later- internet is running too slow right now. I also attached the buttons on my sewing machine! First time I've ever done that. It wasn't too hard, definitely will be doing it again.

I also finished up some random UFOs and parts of diapers (waiting on snaps to finish). I used one of the Made by Mama tags I got from Diaper Diva on ds' jellybean jamma shorts, he was so thrilled. Those have been in the UFO pile since about May. He's worn them to bed every night since, uhm... better do the laundry. ;)

Right now I'm waiting for the plumbers to finish so I can maybe, maybe sew before the baby wakes. Spoke too soon- I'm hearing whimpers. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mini-Swap for me

I can't believe its already mid-February, eeck! I had decided that February I would do a mini-swap as part of the Stash Game on Sewing Mamas but alas I did not sign up. Turns out thats a good thing since I've sewn 2 items since the beginning of February, well excluding the 2-3 diapers I finished up.

Still I'm going to work on the mini-swap since I find myself back at my pre-pregnancy weight with little to wear. My pre-pregnancy clothes are winter clothes and it is summer here. My summer clothes are either too big or too small, as my pre-pregnancy weight was still 25 pounds over my ideal weight, which is what I was the previous summer. So I just need a few items to last through about mid-April when the weather starts to turn. Plus I'm nursing so all my tops need to be nursing friendly- I do not do the pull up thing, no way my tummy gets exposed!

I've already picked out the patterns and fabrics. I've even completed the first item, the Patricia Tunic out of the linen blend on top of the stack. For the tops, I'm also going to make the Otto nursing top again (I've modified it so hopefully it will work better this time) in the green/blue/cream knit, Vogue 2980 in the cream knit, the Jalie Criss-cross top in the black with grey & white circles/dots, Kwik Sew 3434 in the blue/cream/white with fuschia flowers, and Burda WOF 3/08 #128 in the purple. For the pants I'm making Burda WOF 3/08 #126 in a Navy blue Faille and Ottobre 2/2009 #12 in denim. Everything should work great together. And for a dress I'm planning on making a combo of two of the dresses from Burda WOF 9/09 out of the paisley floral.

I also have accessories and a UFO on my list but we'll see how far I get. I've already been side tracked a bit with Sophie Tunic for my cousin's baby and I have 2 more cut out, one for my niece and one for my dd. I think I'd better just cut my stuff so that I have it ready to sew when I get the chance. I'll post as I can.

Serger Quilt part 3

I'm just putting in a place holder. I'm sure there's some fancy way to move the post back down so they are all together later but I'll just do this.

I came to a stop on the quilt b/c we moved and its now summer where we are. Knowing DS the minute I finish it he'll want to sleep with it and then he'll be plastered in sweat by morning. Yuck. Excuses, excuses!

Season of One Thimble!

Funny enough this Spring has really been the Season of One Thimble  (affiliate link).  It started off really innocently, I signed up for ...