Monday, September 29, 2008

Serge as You Go Quilt

I have been so inspired by the quilts that have been flooding the Runway on Sewing Mamas lately. Seriously beautiful work. That said, I have no patience for that sort of thing. Luckily there is the Serge as You Go Baby Quilt! I made this last year, or maybe it was the year before, for my grandmother and just loved it. Super easy and fast.

Well when my brother and sil got married in 2006, I bought this collection Italy, France, wine -inspired fabric to make them a quilt as a gift. Of course, it didn't get done. Amazing how time passes. Anyway I finally made them theirs and it looks great, even my husband likes it! It will be their Christmas present this year.

McCalls 4664 and an Otto Hoodie

I am really unmotivated to work out in general, so of course every time I decide to get back on track I need to inspirational clothes. Since we're short on cash right now, I decided to sew up some stuff. Luckily I had this lush grey cotton velour in my stash. Its so fun to touch. I also used some of the pima cotton for the tank.

Both the pants and the tank are from McCalls 4664. Surprisingly I really like the tank. I lengthed it but otherwise the pattern was fine. The pants, however, are a continuing work in progress. You'd think that sweatpants would be a breeze but I really want them to fit right. So this is the third attempt at this pattern and I think I almost have it. I need to cut down the front crotch seam about an inch more next time.
But really the best part of the outfit is the hoodie! I'm so excited. I seriously had a total crazy hair when I did this. The pattern is from the Children's Ottobre 4/2007, #34, a girl's hoodie. I up-sized the pattern, added lenght and width. I got the inspiration from That Darn Kat, she posted a pic on Sewing Mamas. Hers turned out so nice I decided I had to try it.

Well that was one thing, but then I decided I need to embroider the thing. Not a simple little embroidery but a beautiful floral I got from Embroidery Library that had 13000+ stitches! Not only that I used my endless hoop and ran it down the front of the hoodie- 5 separate hopings. I was seriously praying this thing would fit after all that!

Turns out the hoodie was slightly wide but that was easy to fix. I wish I had done a better job on the front cross binding, so I may go back and fix that but otherwise I love it! Of course, the minute I finished it the weather warmed up so I haven't been able to really wear it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So much sewing!

I have been sewing up a storm lately. Its fabulous. I feel so productive. Downside is my house is a mess, my husband is feeling abandoned and my 3-year-old surprised the speech therapist by correctly answering that you use a thread and needle to sew. She told me that she had never had a child that young answer that question correctly.

Of course, getting the pictures up is another story. They are all sitting on my computer waiting for editing. I like to put the pattern number and size on the pic to make it easier to remember what I've made and what I've liked.

So far in this sewing frenzy I've made jeans for my little one out of my husband's old jeans. Several outfits for my nephew for either Christmas or his Christening, depending on how fast he grows between now and then. Jammas for a friend's child, late birthday gift. A new version of my grocery bag that converts to a backpack for walking to and from the store or farmer's market. I'm going to have my sil test it out. I'm also finishing up 2 t-shirts for same sil from the knit fabric she chose in Peru. I made a long-sleeve tee for my brother too. My little one got a Superman costume for Halloween, still need to make the shoe covers for it though. And I made myself 2 tunics from the newest Ottobre Women's issue. Also new Rose Tee with 3/4 sleeves, a velour sweatsuit, tank top and a bunch of underwear. I tested my adapted pattern of the cross-over top from Ottobre, which I made into a nightgown. I had just enough of the fabric left over to make a little baby gown which of course meant that that is now a set. Too bad I don't know anyone about my size having a baby girl. Goodness I have been busy!

If you can believe it, I also started my Christmas sewing! I finished an enlarged version of the Serger Baby Quilt for my brother and sil. I'm planning another for my other sil. I figure I can start on the things that I don't need measurements for. I started my list and as usual its a mile long! Well that will be another time. Off to finish my current projects.

Oh and thats the best part, I'm finishing projects!!!!!

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