Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Comfy & Cozy Patricia

This week's Patricia is my favorite so far.  It really is Comfy & Cozy!  I made a nightie with easy access for nursing and pockets.

I adjusted the pattern back a little more to narrow it.  No picture for some reason.  I basically cut the pattern across the back about 3/4 of an inch below the armscyle, then took 1/4 inch off the fold and redrew the side to match.

I then added a shirt tail hem on both front and back.

For the pockets I just folded the side pieces at an angle about 12 inches from the bottom.  I made a fancy top for the pockets but didn't photograph it.  I'll add the picture to my next post since I used the same style pockets for the Knock off.

My little one still nurses before bed and in the morning, so I needed the nightie to have access.  I just did the same as I'd done with my original Patricia- lengthened the front opening.  This time I used elastic for the button closures instead of ties.  Works really well.

I added the elastic as I was sewing the facing so the ends are between the facing and front fabric.  You can see the elastic under the facing in the pic with my hand.  I sewed the front facing opening along that side only, then cut it apart and sewed up the other side.  

I did 3/4 sleeves only because that was all I had left of that fabric- thats also why I color blocked instead of made it fully patterned.  I put knit on the cuffs of the sleeves to make them extra comfy.

Adding a modeled shot- sorry for the wrinkles I've been wearing it to bed.  

And the back- definitely a better fit than the first.  

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