Monday, June 22, 2015

Finished Sis Boom Jamie Dress

I really cannot believe this is the fourth time I've made the Sis Boom Jamie Dress and only the first time I made the dress.  Its fantastic!

I've hesitated making the dress mostly because of the gathered skirt.  I don't like to add more fabric to my already thick waist.  When I've made the pattern as a top, I've always done an a-line style that works pretty good for the short length.  I wasn't convinced it would work as well for the full length dress.  It might but I wasn't willing to try it.  Then of course is the reality is I do not wear dresses too often so the top is really a great use of this pattern for me.

Okay, still I've always wanted to make the dress.  I decided to do so for my daughter's baptism this past weekend.  I did end up modifying the pattern in three ways.  The first, of course, was to use a half circle skirt instead of the gathered skirt from the pattern.  I was planning on a full circle but did not have enough fabric for that.  I used the Circle Skirt Calculator on the by Hand London blog.  Fantastic!

I also shortened the midriff, but went a little too far.  I think I'll lengthen it next time.  It hits just a little to high for my figure right now.  It was too long before so somewhere in the middle should be just right.

The last alteration I made was to use the back bodice and waistband pieces from the Carolina Mae.  I did this because I found that my bra showed no matter what I did in the back of the Jamie and I just do not like wearing a strapless bra.  I wanted to cut it on the fold to keep the zipper on the side so I took out 1/2 inch from the center seam, added it to the side seam and cut on the fold.  You can probably skip that if you wanted to but I also wanted the straps a little farther in so it worked better for me to do that.    

I'm in love with this dress and now have to push my husband to take me out!

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