Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Revisiting Ottobre

I recently joined the Ottobre Inspired Sewing group on Facebook and have been having so much fun going back to these patterns.  Not only did I already complete 2 pieces from the newest Women's issue, I went back to the first tracings I did for my oldest to make for my youngest.  It seems inconceivable that the baby is big enough to fit into those.  Granted this baby is bigger than his brother was at this age, brother was a full year older (the boys share a birthday month)!

The one that I was drawn to was the color blocked shirt from Ottobre 2/2005.  PDF of Ottobre 2/2005 Turns out that that shirt starts at size 110 but I knew I had made it for my older boy child when he was smaller.   I found this set in my photobucket files, I loved it.  It was the first shirt from this pattern and I want to say I made 5 or 6 more before I moved on to a different pattern.   That was 7 years ago!  It could not have been 110.  Sure enough, I had down sized the pattern to 98.

Well now its the little bits turn to wear the pattern.  I must have overlooked it for the girl child- mostly because there are soooooo many choices for girls.  Boys are more limited.  Anyway, I pulled out the old tracing and went to work on a muslin of sorts.  I figured it would be fine but in the back of my mind there was something I thought I needed to adjust- I couldn't remember what.

Turns out it was too wide for my skinny boys.  I've marked it on the line drawing pdf that I keep in a folder for next time.  It is wearable but I would like it to be a little thinner through the body.  So I took the pattern and carefully folded out 1/2 inch on the front and back.

Perfect fit for the first day of school!

Woo Hoo!  Now that all three monsters are at school, I should really be getting off the computer and enjoying my quiet house.

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