Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer Sewing & Fall Style Challenge

So I joined up this summer to sew a Capsule Wardrobe with a large group of friends on Facebook.  Oh its so much fun.  There were great planning charts and posts on how to get rid of stuff in your closet and so forth.  As I read through and looked at my summer wardrobe I realized I'd done most of this in a transcontinental move the past summer.  Between purging before moving and joining the Get Your Pretty On Style  (affiliate link), my summer wardrobe was pretty set.

Of course, who am I kidding.  I love to sew and I love clothes.  So I added a couple print shorts, a pair of short denim shorts, a couple of tops and a couple of dresses to my summer wardrobe.  I did purge out a few things that weren't working anymore and will purge more when I get around to putting summer away.

Now its Fall, what do I make?  Uhm... I made a few things last year- flannel shirts, cardigans but nothing major.  I ended up thrifting most of my wardrobe.  I bought jeans and cords at local thrift stores and made them into skinny jeans to wear with boots.  Super easy to do.  I think I looked at a tutorial but really you just take them in on both sides.  Since mine were for boots I didn't worry about the fancy seam, infact taking it out made them less bulky inside my boots.

So here's a little slide show of what I wore last year.  Some were misses but for the most part I like the looks and outfits.  I will likely change out a few of them.  The pieces were pretty much from the Fall Challenge (which is free with this year's Challenge), I changed up the colors as the ones Allison picked didn't suit me and I was pulling from my wardrobe.  I was challenged by the skinny pants, not a silhouette that suits me with flats.  I found that with boots I was more balanced.

The one thing is that not a lot of last year's wardrobe was sewn.  I'd like to sew more this Fall.  I know I want a flannel shirt dress or long tunic shirt similar to what Allison from GYPO previewed in the Fall Challenge post.

I already bought the flannel at JoAnns.  Its from the Plaiditudes Collection which I am amazed by- its thick and luxurious.  The only fault is that it is off kilter a bit so matching plaids is a bit of a nightmare.  I found with the the shirts I cut for my boys that it was easier to do cross-grain than with the grain.  My oldest boy's shirt will be off grain but I think I managed to cut the baby's right.  We'll see, I have to cut the lining for those.  Back to me, I have 3 yards of this so I need to come up with something.

Beyond that I'm not entirely sure.  The other outfit previewed was a sweater and blazer which I'm not sure I would wear much.  Knowing me, I'll wait for the shopping list before finalizing my sewing plans.  Even then I suspect I have a good portion of what is on the list.  Guess I'd better hop over and sign up.  If you're interested, check it out!

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