Friday, May 1, 2009

Burda Style Vintage Bathing Suit- Maternity-ized

Update! 5/9/09 Here are the modeling shots and a quick review. (Sorry about the picture quality, my editing software is on the computer packed away for our move.)

I've actually worn this twice to the pool so far. It definitely is low cut, but more to the point does absolutely nothing to hold the girls in. While I haven't spilled out, its been close so I'm going to go back and see if I can't tighten up the bust. It would be fine if I was just "sunning" or gently "bathing" but I swim with a 4-year-old that feels the need to climb and jump all over me. Other than the bust, the rest is great. With the leg bands the coverage in the rear is great plus the bands are actually really comfy.

So I have actually finished a few things lately. This swimsuit was one of those. I love the way it turned out, no modeling pic as I keep forgetting to take one, I will post it when I take it, promise.

I used Kitty Couture's review/tutorial to help me figure out how to put the suit together. Of course, me being me, had to make things difficult. I had every intention of making this last year but never got around to it. So I really had no idea how it would fit. After looking through BurdaStyle's pics and reading Cidell's review, then decided to jump in anyway.

I started with just basically making the pattern bigger- added 1/2 inch all around and lengthened the torso by 1.5 inches.

Then I decided that I didn't like the crotch being a separate piece and attached it to the front.

So then I was ready to make it into a Maternity suit. I decided to go with the widening and lengthening plan. I added another 2 inches of length and about 3 inches of width.

So then I cut and of course, I wasn't paying attention so I cut 2 of the bust pieces- you only need one. I did cut full lining for the front and the back.

Here is my new front piece.

I put it together using Kitty's instructions for the most part. The crotch seam I did by layering the back right side up, the front right side down, then the linings on top. That way I got an enclosed crotch seam.
I loved the way she did the bust so the seam was enclosed so I did that too.

Then I added the straps, definitely should have made these longer as they barely make a knot around my neck. Also the back straps didn't fit- those were definitely too short. In the end it didn't matter since adding the 1.5 inches in length made this suit too high in the back for those straps anyway.

After trying it on I realized that the bust was just too big and baggie. The tab, which I waited to put on until the last, definitely helped but made the suit just a bit too low cut for me. I have to swim with a 4-year-old constantly pulling at me, I didn't think the girls would stay in under those circumstances. So I did have to put a seam in the middle to pull the bust in and then just covered it with the tab. Worked okay, I'm trying to think of a different method for the next one.

Also I had not intended on doing the bound legs but turns out that there just wasn't enough booty coverage for me. So I added the same legs that Kitty did. It actually looks really cute that way. Of course, I if I decide to do it again I'll take some out of the front since there is a bit too much fabric in the front along the legs.

So here's the back. I promise to post a modeled pic soon.
I am definitely planning on making this again. I don't think this version will last me to the end. I still need more tummy room so I'll add more width and a touch more length to the next version. It is really darling in person.

Lots of cutting and sewing- not a lot of finishing!

For some reason I'm on a roll tracing patterns and cutting things out but just am not getting things finished. Urgh....

This is my current UFO list:
1 maternity shirt waiting on hems
1 pj shirt for ds waiting on hems
3 small footie pjs for baby waiting on snaps
1 cool black jacket for niece waiting on snaps
1 diaper cover waiting on snaps
3 embroidered PUL diaper cover cuts needing to be sewn up
1 PUL cut waiting for embroidery
4 diapers waiting for snaps
1 shirt for nephew waiting on hems
1 hoodie for nephew half-way done
2 longies needing elastic
1 wool soaker that will need elastic
1 wool soaker cut
1 pair of maternity pants cut
2 rtw shirts that are ready for inserts (had to let them out)
Ironing board cover needing elastic

Plus I've committed to making my niece 2 onesies, an oval crib sheet and some round pillows to finish her bedroom set. Urgh....

So what do I do? I've signed up for a SWAP!!!!! 12 pieces due June 12th!!!!! So I guess I'll be busy finishing up all these UFOs this week as I can't do anything with my sewing area all cluttered up. Wish me luck.

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