Saturday, November 14, 2009

Serger Quilt Part 2

So now we sew it together. I love how quickly serger quilts come together. I'm all about the quick project. Of course, this would have been much quicker if I didn't have two rugrats limiting my sewing time.

I think this is Step 4:
Lay out the strips in the order you want them to be. I put it on my bed and tried to make sure there weren't matching squares across from eachother. Of course I ended up sewing them out of order so I did get two squares the same across from eachother, luckily with the black between them it isn't that noticeable. (No, I was not about to rip out serger stitching to fix it.)

Step 5: Serge quilt middle
For the first seam layer the pieces in this way- backing 1 face up, backing 2 face down, batting, strip 1 face up, strip 2 face down, batting.

Serge it together on one side. Then open up the seam and check carefully that you've serged all the fabric, go back and if you have any holes.

Continue adding the rows- backing fabric face up, quilt, new strip face down, batting

And that is where I am. The middle is serged together. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Serger Quilt part 1

I'm coming out of the wood-work! Seriously been busy sewing, having a baby and trying to sew! Anyway, before this one popped I promised my older one that I would make him a quilt. So here it is, I thought I'd show you all how I made it just in case anyone is interested. Its not done so you'll have to wait to see the finished product. The picture above is just the middle part laid out.

Step 1: cut out squares
The colorful prints were 6x6, I basically used whatever leftover scraps plus a few purchased pieces that he picked out.
The blacks are 6x8, I just didn't want to have to line up any seams. These were all purchase for this project.

Step 2: sew the strips, I serged them then ironed the seams

Step 3: measure your strips, then cut the backing and batting in 6xlength of strips
I used Warm and Natural for the batting and a print cotton fabric for the backing

more later...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Maternity SWAP finished

I finished these up last month but haven't gotten over here to post. Someday I'll actually get more up on this. Anyway, the SWAP was great! I wear most of these clothes all the time. It so fun to have a wardrobe that I created and with everything working together its a no-brainer getting dressed.

Well I'm going to try and put up the reviews on pattern review over the next few weeks so I'll link them here when I do that. Most of the pieces were from Ottobre Women- LOVE that magazine. I even used a few non-maternity patterns and the modifications seem to work!

I'm hoping to do a post-maternity SWAP in the Fall. We'll see how things go.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Burda Style Vintage Bathing Suit- Maternity-ized

Update! 5/9/09 Here are the modeling shots and a quick review. (Sorry about the picture quality, my editing software is on the computer packed away for our move.)

I've actually worn this twice to the pool so far. It definitely is low cut, but more to the point does absolutely nothing to hold the girls in. While I haven't spilled out, its been close so I'm going to go back and see if I can't tighten up the bust. It would be fine if I was just "sunning" or gently "bathing" but I swim with a 4-year-old that feels the need to climb and jump all over me. Other than the bust, the rest is great. With the leg bands the coverage in the rear is great plus the bands are actually really comfy.

So I have actually finished a few things lately. This swimsuit was one of those. I love the way it turned out, no modeling pic as I keep forgetting to take one, I will post it when I take it, promise.

I used Kitty Couture's review/tutorial to help me figure out how to put the suit together. Of course, me being me, had to make things difficult. I had every intention of making this last year but never got around to it. So I really had no idea how it would fit. After looking through BurdaStyle's pics and reading Cidell's review, then decided to jump in anyway.

I started with just basically making the pattern bigger- added 1/2 inch all around and lengthened the torso by 1.5 inches.

Then I decided that I didn't like the crotch being a separate piece and attached it to the front.

So then I was ready to make it into a Maternity suit. I decided to go with the widening and lengthening plan. I added another 2 inches of length and about 3 inches of width.

So then I cut and of course, I wasn't paying attention so I cut 2 of the bust pieces- you only need one. I did cut full lining for the front and the back.

Here is my new front piece.

I put it together using Kitty's instructions for the most part. The crotch seam I did by layering the back right side up, the front right side down, then the linings on top. That way I got an enclosed crotch seam.
I loved the way she did the bust so the seam was enclosed so I did that too.

Then I added the straps, definitely should have made these longer as they barely make a knot around my neck. Also the back straps didn't fit- those were definitely too short. In the end it didn't matter since adding the 1.5 inches in length made this suit too high in the back for those straps anyway.

After trying it on I realized that the bust was just too big and baggie. The tab, which I waited to put on until the last, definitely helped but made the suit just a bit too low cut for me. I have to swim with a 4-year-old constantly pulling at me, I didn't think the girls would stay in under those circumstances. So I did have to put a seam in the middle to pull the bust in and then just covered it with the tab. Worked okay, I'm trying to think of a different method for the next one.

Also I had not intended on doing the bound legs but turns out that there just wasn't enough booty coverage for me. So I added the same legs that Kitty did. It actually looks really cute that way. Of course, I if I decide to do it again I'll take some out of the front since there is a bit too much fabric in the front along the legs.

So here's the back. I promise to post a modeled pic soon.
I am definitely planning on making this again. I don't think this version will last me to the end. I still need more tummy room so I'll add more width and a touch more length to the next version. It is really darling in person.

Lots of cutting and sewing- not a lot of finishing!

For some reason I'm on a roll tracing patterns and cutting things out but just am not getting things finished. Urgh....

This is my current UFO list:
1 maternity shirt waiting on hems
1 pj shirt for ds waiting on hems
3 small footie pjs for baby waiting on snaps
1 cool black jacket for niece waiting on snaps
1 diaper cover waiting on snaps
3 embroidered PUL diaper cover cuts needing to be sewn up
1 PUL cut waiting for embroidery
4 diapers waiting for snaps
1 shirt for nephew waiting on hems
1 hoodie for nephew half-way done
2 longies needing elastic
1 wool soaker that will need elastic
1 wool soaker cut
1 pair of maternity pants cut
2 rtw shirts that are ready for inserts (had to let them out)
Ironing board cover needing elastic

Plus I've committed to making my niece 2 onesies, an oval crib sheet and some round pillows to finish her bedroom set. Urgh....

So what do I do? I've signed up for a SWAP!!!!! 12 pieces due June 12th!!!!! So I guess I'll be busy finishing up all these UFOs this week as I can't do anything with my sewing area all cluttered up. Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Newborn Diapers

So the other thing I've been working on is sewing my own diapers for the new little one. I'm still not exactly sure if I'll follow through but learning how to sew these things has been fun. I started a Flickr photo set for those if you all want to have a look.

MSL's Newborn Diapers

Its just amazing the different combinations, fabrics, patterns and so on that you can use for these things. I guess that's one way to make diaper changes interesting.

Some Ottobre Maternity for me

Yep, looks like our family is actually expanding- well I am anyway!

So these are my first efforts, both from Ottobre for Women 2/2007.
The white top is definitely for the third trimester- I just don't fill it out yet. Of course if I had read the description I would have seen that the model was 36 weeks. But then, to me she looked cute with this little bitty belly. Somehow I don't think I'll be looking like that at 36 weeks.

I had a little trouble with the cross-over but I'm thinking that it will resolve itself when the belly grows.

I used some plush FOE for the neck and sleeve bindings. I really was so happy with how it turned out, I have never done this good a job!

And unfortunately this is the best pic of the pants I got. They are a dark blue linen so I don't think they photograph well anyway. I did them totally plain, no pockets, no frills. I had to make some minor modifications but they fit well. I also made another pair in a khaki stretch twill that I'll post when I get pictures taken.

I have 2 more shirts from the 3/2008 issue cut out so I'll post those when they're done.

Some Ottobre for kids

I apologize in advance- the pics are terrible. We moved and I haven't quite figured out where and when and how to take pictures in the new place.

I just got a new niece a month- almost 2 ago- so I did sew up a cute little outfit for her using Ottobre patterns. The top is modified to resemble the New Conceptions pattern everyone always raves about but I can't bring myself to actually buy. This version is great. I used a Gymboree blanket for the fabric.

I also made the bumper, crib sheets, and duvet cover for this little one's room but the pics are not available yet. I'll post those when I get them.

I also whipped up some shirts for ds for preschool this past month. The dinosaur shirt was made from a Gymboree blanket for dinosaur week at school. And the bike shirt was for the St. Judes Trike-athon they just had. I somehow cut a piece of the bike shirt wrong so I did a terrible patch job but it worked, ds loved both shirts.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming back, really!

Its been an interesting few months since my last post. While I did sew quite a bit, I didn't document much. Well that is not entirely true as I did do some reviews for PR. So once again I'm recommitting to this blog! Truthfully I write posts in my head as I'm sewing but they never quite make it here. Oh well.

In my last post I mentioned working on the jacket from Otto. I actually ended up making 2 of those jackets. They turned out really cute. You can see the review on PR: Otto Jacket

Some of the other stuff I've made in the last few months:
A really cute hoodie for my niece for Christmas, she loves it and wears it almost everyday!
2 jackets from Kwik Sew 3367, other than my zippers curling a bit, I was really happy with those.
Another jacket from Ottobre, I made this one in a beautiful blue wool jersey, I'm sort of sad that its too warm to wear now.
Oh, this outfit was great- Simplicity 4074. I'm planning on making the dress next, well when I find the pattern again.

Fortunately for me, life is only getting more interesting. I am in transition for now. Most of my stuff was packed up and is waiting to be shipped overseas. I do have my sewing machines though, so there will be sewing!

Season of One Thimble!

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