Monday, July 28, 2008

Women's Ottobre pants patterns

I've actually been really liking the fit on these patterns for me. Other than my usual swayback, I didn't need any other alterations. Pretty cool. I'm going to try a pair of jeans next.

These pants were from Ottobre Kids issue 1/2005, the linen capris. I thought they were a bit more like high-waters rather than capris so I just added 2 inches to the length and made them pants. They are a linen embroidered with flip-flops, I think its cute but my husband thinks they look like pjs!
Next are the linen capris from Ottobre Womens issue 2/2007. The striped pair are the pattern as is, then I made 2 shorts using the same pattern. I don't have a pic of the black pair- black linen with embroidered circles. The bonus about the shorts is that they were from the remnants bin at JAs when the linen was already on sale so I think the brown shorts were less than a dollar! I already had the zipper and button. Gotta love it.

I made the other capris from this same issue. I have to take some pics and upload them later.

But this fabric is by far my favorite remnant bin find! Embroidered denim, slightly less than a yard for $3! I will admit that this skirt turned out a bit too wide at the bottom because of the denim. I'm planning to take it in a bit but otherwise it fit great.
I also have the Rose Top and the Puffed Sleeved Tee from the 2/2007 issue that need hemming so I'll post those later. Overall I'm really enjoying these magazines, I have a ton of post-its hanging out waiting to made!

Time sure flies...

when you're sewing up a storm and moving cross-country! Craziness has been abounding around here. I finally unpacked my sewing machines so I thought it would be a good time to update here.

My niece's prom dress looked great on her. I wasn't as thrilled about it but she was so thats what counts. Unfortunately I have no pic, sorry.

On other sewing fronts I spent the few weeks leading up to our move sewing up as many summer things as I could as I have "outgrown" my old stuff. Since we were going to California I, naturally, assumed I might need them. Not so much! Oh well.

I have to come up with a plan now. As I was unpacking my fabric I got a million and one ideas. I was finding fabrics I hadn't really looked at in a year. Uhm... I'm thinking I need to do a mini-wardrobe or something like that to get focused. I'm going to browse PR and see whats up over there.

Season of One Thimble!

Funny enough this Spring has really been the Season of One Thimble  (affiliate link).  It started off really innocently, I signed up for ...