Monday, January 28, 2008

Shirt for PG Sil

Yes more procrastination from UFOs over the weekend. I embroidered this shirt for my sil who just had a birthday. I just love the design and was itching to use it. Both the design and the font are from the wonderful digitizers on SewForum.

the Sock Bag

I'm not entirely sure why I had to make this bag- a friend on ivillage posted about it and, of course, I couldn't help myself. It is so cute and small. I'm not sure what I'll use it for since I don't knit, which is its intended purpose. Oh well.

The tutorial is from CrazyLanea and she also sells them, check out her site for the details. Its a great little project.

I'm thinking this one will end up as a birthday gift for the niece that got the matching spiral skirt.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

6 UFOs down, 7, 8, 9 to go

Well I'm half way done with the UFOs I found earlier this month. Unfortunately I've definitely found a few more since then. What can you do? I'm actually excited about the cut out swimsuit I found a couple of days ago. I bought the pattern and cut it out last year when I was having fits about RTW swimsuits. The fabric is this denim print, very cute and really intended as a working muslin. Anyway despite my trying to out-think the instructions the suit is turning out nicely. Hopefully I'll finish it up tomorrow.

So I have 4 more days to finish up my UFOs for the contest. Wish me luck.


Love it! More UFOs off the radar. I just love this bright orange car fabric for going to crowded places with the munchkin. Easier to spot in the crowd.

Now the second set of overalls were originally supposed to be Christmas pjs but since I cut them last year there was no way they would fit. Turns out that just the sleeves were too short so I turned it into overalls. I may go back and narrow the shoulder but then again, my dh has said- in no uncertain terms- that his child would not be allowed in public in those "clown pants." Oh well.

Christmas Apron

I am on an UFO roll! Woo Hoo! I finally, almost a decade later, put together the Christmas Apron. Looks good. I'm thinking I might embroider something for the back so I can use it now. We'll see, I'm just happen that its out of my to-d0 pile.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My IJ Hobo Bag- UFO

So I finished the bag- reworked the straps. Still not that in love with it but it works better than it did.
I'm so in the mood for a new bag but don't really want to put in the work. Uhm... I did help my niece make a bag last weekend, she was so thrilled with it. Gotta love that feeling. She did really well for her first time using a sewing machine. I didn't take a pic but maybe I'll do that tomorrow when I see her. Anyway I have to make arrangements to have her come out once a month- trading baby care for sewing lessons. Unfortunately she's too young to do real babysitting but she could entertain the little one elsewhere in the house while I work, that would be great. Well off to do the laundry, yeah fun, fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Butterick 4914

Woo hoo, 2 UFOs done! I serged up the Maggie London Dress. I posted a review on Pattern Review for the stitching details.

Anyway, I cut this dress out 15 pounds ago, oh boy! It still fits since its knit but its a strong dancewear knit so it is tight. I did rush the sewing but I think it came out okay. Looks better on me than on the mannequin. The neckline isn't as funny looking.

New Look 6736, My Coat!

Its done! Now the finishing touches could have been better done but, its done!

I really love the shape, can't wait to wear it. So far I only put 1 button on, I kind of like it that way but I may change my mind. I'll wear it a few times before I decide. I really is more of a "car" coat type of coat, at least around here.

UFO Stuff

So I searched out some UFOs, these are the ones I could easily find, I fear the ones that are buried!

1. fleece one-piece romper for ds, cut last year so there is no way it will fit
2. overalls for ds cut in the fall, may end up as shorts
3. hawaiian loose cover-up made last summer, needs the arm holes to be dropped and the neck band added
4. Smoon head bands, just need the elastic to be attached to one side
5. elastic shirred top, elastic needs to be finished and seam sewn
6. Maggie London knit dress cut last summer
7. one of those cut up fleece scarves from a kit- way too delicate to actually wear, want to add ribbon to the stems of the flowers so they don't pull off
8. Christmas apron from 5-6 years ago (actually longer I just realized, they were from before I met dh), cut and ready to be sewn
9. messenger style diaper bag half sewn for Italy trip in 2006, needs lining, straps, pockets, closure
10. Hobo bag sewn as muslin for niece's christmas bags, straps need to be redone completely
11. Winter coat, lining needs to be finished, hems and buttons completed
12. Ergo style baby carrier, half sewn

So those are the projects for Jan- eeck, Jan is half over!

Oh and on my way out of my sewing room I saw the linen cropped jacket that just needs to be slip-stitched. And the list grows!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hawaiians for the boys and some pjs

These are the last of my Christmas sewing. I made dh's shirt last year but since he was deployed I never actually saw him in it. This year I used the left over fabric to make the munchkin a matching shirt- they sure looked cute!

And these are the pjs I ended up making for my nephews and one niece (between age).

On to bigger and brighter projects!

more embroidered Christmas stuff

I actually did a lot of embroidery this Christmas, its fun. These were the gift card holders- only 2 this year.

I made these embroidered ornaments with names for my sil's stockings. They looked really nice all together. I used the leftover silk duponi from my little one's baptism outfit.

These are the cell phone holders for my nieces. The design is from Embroidery Garden, stitched out really nicely.

Spiral Skirts

These are the skirts I made for my little nieces, I think they are so adorable. I'm not sure how my one niece will take it since she's not terribly girlie, hopefully she'll at least like the shirt.

Here's the last one:Update- my sil called and said my two nieces (butterfly and last one) loved their skirts, Yeah!

Indygo Junction Hobo Bag

While the version I made for myself didn't turn out so great- more due to my modifications than the pattern itself- the bags for my nieces are really cute. Overall the pattern is easy, directions are clear. The only things I didn't like is the lack of closure (I added a button closure) and the straps were too short (I added 2 inches). I also made matching cell phone cases and added a d-ring to attach it to. My one niece also got a pencil case but I needed to make changes to the design so my other niece didn't get one. I'll make her one once I change the design a bit.

More pics:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

January Plan

I so need to get back to sewing for me. Actually I just need to get back to sewing in general. Today was the first day I sewed since the 23rd, eeeck!

So I decided today that I'm going to make January UFO and sloper month. Pattern Review has a UFO contest going on so it seemed fitting to do it. Then my darling hubby bought me PMB Womens for Christmas, yeah! So I'm going to work on the slopers this month. This way in February I'll begin sewing from custom fitted patterns designed by me! How exciting.

Okay before that UFOs must go. Without really searching this is my list:

I have this Maggie London Dress cut in a dark gray dance wear type of fabric. I was really excited about it for the fall when dh told me we'd have a ton of events to go to. Uhm... he went to a ton of dressy events, I got stuck at home with no babysitter.

I have to rework the straps on the bag I made using the Indygo Junction pattern, they were too short and I was supposed to use the same fabric for both sides but for some reason I flaked on that part and ended up using a slippery lining fabric so the strap falls off my shoulder. Duh.

I also have a swim suit cut. I'm not sure about that one since I never ordered the right elastic, well I still can so that will have to make the list.

Of course my coat goes on the list- hems, buttons and buttonholes.

An apron from 5/6 years ago. I made my family matching aprons one year out of one of those panel fabrics. I thought it was pretty funny, anyway I never actually did mine. Now is the time!

I know there are more but I'll start with these. Fun, fun!

Embroidered ornaments

Here are the embroidered ornaments I ended up with for the exchange on Fiber Arts. I think they turned out nice, a bit bigger than I had wanted but much smaller than my original design. They are about the size of a baseball but flat. The Santa is a freebie on CinDes Embroidery Designs, she has some really adorable stuff on her site, check it out.

Now technically I didn't make this particular ornament this year but I made one like this for an ornament exchange. It was a big hit. I actually have several of the embroidered panels made up but who knows when the ornaments will actually come together.

So those are all the pics I have for now, I haven't uploaded the gift pics yet. Which, as it turns out is a good thing, since the gifts are still at my house! Oh well.

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