Saturday, January 5, 2008

January Plan

I so need to get back to sewing for me. Actually I just need to get back to sewing in general. Today was the first day I sewed since the 23rd, eeeck!

So I decided today that I'm going to make January UFO and sloper month. Pattern Review has a UFO contest going on so it seemed fitting to do it. Then my darling hubby bought me PMB Womens for Christmas, yeah! So I'm going to work on the slopers this month. This way in February I'll begin sewing from custom fitted patterns designed by me! How exciting.

Okay before that UFOs must go. Without really searching this is my list:

I have this Maggie London Dress cut in a dark gray dance wear type of fabric. I was really excited about it for the fall when dh told me we'd have a ton of events to go to. Uhm... he went to a ton of dressy events, I got stuck at home with no babysitter.

I have to rework the straps on the bag I made using the Indygo Junction pattern, they were too short and I was supposed to use the same fabric for both sides but for some reason I flaked on that part and ended up using a slippery lining fabric so the strap falls off my shoulder. Duh.

I also have a swim suit cut. I'm not sure about that one since I never ordered the right elastic, well I still can so that will have to make the list.

Of course my coat goes on the list- hems, buttons and buttonholes.

An apron from 5/6 years ago. I made my family matching aprons one year out of one of those panel fabrics. I thought it was pretty funny, anyway I never actually did mine. Now is the time!

I know there are more but I'll start with these. Fun, fun!

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