Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts- for the little boy

Big boy doesn't need any shorts after finding a stash of REI shorts in his size at Salvation army for $3 each.  So easy.

The Little boy is a different story.  He is finally getting the whole I have to actually pee in the potty.  (We won't talk about the other part.)  I've noticed though that for a such a thin bit, his shorts are rather tight and need to be re-buttoned and zipped up when he goes.  We have a small stash of elastic but they are weekend shorts.  Yes, I'm that parent that doesn't like to send their kids to school in athletic wear.

So long story short, he needed shorts.  I was looking for something super simple and pull up but wasn't finding anything already traced out in my stash.  I did find 2 tracings in size 98 of the Aqua Shorts  #7 from Ottobre 3/08.  I obviously made them for my oldest once upon a time.

Yep, I made him these awesome soft corduroy pants.  In fact they are sitting in my youngest bottom drawer waiting for fall.  Hopefully they'll fit.

Well despite the fact they aren't exactly "whip it up" quick, I decided to go for it.  I'm so glad they are awesome!  The only change I made was to take out 2 inches in the denim and khaki pair.  I felt they were too long for my taste.  The striped pair is board short material I picked up from  Chez Ami ages ago when they were still selling fabric.  It was so much brighter than I had anticipated and has been languishing in my stash for a while.  Funny thing is I cut those out last summer and started putting them together- so they have one front pocket that was already done.  I decided to omit the rest of the pockets to make them faster.

I know I'll make a couple more to last through the summer.  Yeah!

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts- for the girl!

At least in theory.

Its sewing shorts season here.  I've been sewing shorts for my daughter, who it turns out actually has no summer clothes!  When I went to pull out the Spring/Summer clothes for the kids there was no stash for my daughter.  She had a skort from Children's place and a couple of dresses that she won't wear.  Because we did have a weird hot spell, I bought her some short sleeves shirts and shorts at the local thrift store.  Still I knew she'd need a few more.

I started with the Scientific Seamstress Skirt & Skort pattern.  I was wanting to copy the Children's place skort that they no longer sell.  Hanna Anderson one for $36.  Even though the SS pattern is for wovens I decided the style would be okay in a stable knit.  I wasn't sure about sizing down.  I did not.  I might take some width out but really the elastic holds them up and my daughter finds them really comfortable.

The first I made from an up cycled woman's t-shirt and some minky in my stash.  It was intended as a wearable muslin.   She's worn this one several times since it was made.

The second one is more like the inspiration.  This skort was made from french terry in my stash.  The top is Jalie 3245.  

After that I wanted to put together some quick and dirty shorts and tee sets for her.  I went with my old stand-by Ottobre for the t-shirts.  These are all modified versions of the standard tee in Ottobre 4/04.  The shorts took a little more thought as I didn't want to spend too much time fitting.  I ended up going with the shorts from the Modkid Zoey pattern.  The pattern is super cute, I made my daughter a darling set last year during their sew along.  I didn't have time for the whole set but the shorts were perfect for my purpose here.  

They are flat front and elastic back.  I sized up so they would last through the summer.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wrap up for Me Made May

So the last week of May came so quickly- really I cannot believe how fast May went as it is!

I was able to keep up with my personal challenge of wearing a Me Made item in conjunction with the style prompts from Style Sisters on FB.  It was definitely a challenge.

Sunday, style prompt- Dots and Stripes or Stripes and Flowers.  I made this tunic 4 years ago from Ottobre 2/2012, it was just before I found out I was pregnant with my third.  I don't think I've worn it since.  I'll have to give it a few wears this summer.

Monday, style prompt- Boho.   These are my favorite summer pants- not Me Made but I did alter them last year.  I actually narrowed the leg and added a yoga waist band.  I'm wearing the red top I made during the Basics week at the end of April.  

Tuesday, style prompt- tone on tone.  My ever present Iris Shorts with a Target Tee that has seen much better days.  

Wednesday, style prompt- cropped pants.  I actually don't wear many cropped pants, find them to cut me in a weird way.  These aren't too bad though.  I will replace these, hopefully, this summer with the Morgan boyfriends as the fit on these is all sorts of bad!  The top is Buttericks 5495, great pattern, I really should find some fabric to make another.    

Thursday, style prompt- Favorite Tunic.  My tunic is actually a Salvation Army find from Land's End.  Its a wonderful voile fabric which is great in the heat and humidity we get here.  I paired it with my lengthened Iris Shorts from last summer.  

Friday, style prompt- unexpected color combinations.  Iris shorts again!  

Saturday, style prompt- flip flops or oxford.  Of course you can't actually see my flip flops but they are there.  Sorry about the washed out picture.  The top is my sleeveless Sis Boom Shana.  I have put this top in the recycle pile as it has just not been my favorite ever.  I think the fabric is just too stiff.  I've got some voile to make a new one this summer.  

Sunday, style prompt- A little bit or a lot of pattern.  Polka dots and Jalie swimwear to the rescue!  This is a prototype for my summer suit.  I love it.  I'll likely make the sleeves longer.  I also make a SUAT Brazi bra to wear under and it peeks out of the neckline.  I'm thinking I may just go with a cheap underwire bra instead- I may need a little perking up in that area.  

Monday was actually a repeat of Sunday as we spent the day at the pool.  

Tuesday, style prompt- Your signature look/formula.  This outfit is definitely my summer formula.  Tank or tee and shorts.  I'll put a long sleeve button-down on top for A/C and/or bug protection but otherwise you'll find me in some variation of this all summer.  The top is the Seamworks Aurora.  I'll definitely be making more to freshen up my tank collection.  

So thats Me Made May!


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