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So the sure fire way to get me back on the blog is to sign up for a blog tour.  When Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs asked if anyone was interested in blogging about the Amuse Boho, it turned out that I could kill two birds with one stone- back to blogging and making the Amuse!

This tour is to welcome the Amuse Boho Top and Dress pattern on to the Winter Wear Designs site.  There are prizes and a discount code to be had, so be sure to head over to the Winter Wear site to get all the details.

Originally, as you likely know by now, the Amuse pattern was offered in the One Thimble Magazine, issue 14 (affiliate link).  I have to admit that I bought this issue secretly for this pattern.  I say secretly because the photos are clearly showing a pattern with design details I try to avoid.  There are other great patterns in this issue so it was easy to pretend I wasn't buying it for this pattern.

I am always drawn to the easy breeze style of the Amuse.  Trouble is I carry my weight in the middle and silhouettes with no waist definition just add pounds where I don't want it.  This top has gathering right at the empire line and then the option I liked the best also has fullness along the back.  Thats a lot of fabric!  Doing the plain back would eliminate some but I'd still be dealing with the gathering in the front.

That said, I still fell in love with the pattern as is and decided to make it first with no adjustments.  I picked out this wonderful rayon challis at JoAnn Fabrics and went to work.  I decided on the short sleeves for summer time and went with a dress length.  The fabric is perfect for the pattern, very drapey, gathers well and skims over the body.

When I put it on the only adjustment I ended up making was to close up the armhole a little.  I made the XL based on my measurements- 42 full bust- but the armholes ended up too low.  I just did a quickie adjustment that solved the problem.  I closed the armhole and then blended down toward the bust line.

The pattern itself is great, all the pieces fit nicely and the construction makes sense.  I did struggle to make my yoke piece on the front neat and tidy but I'll admit I was rushing.  I used bias binding on the neckline for a simple clean finish.  It is one of the options for the facing.

I love the back yoke which has the gathering sandwiched between the outer and the lining- such a nice clean finish.

I was thrilled when I put it on.  Its so comfy!  I want to put a disclaimer here before you go forward.  The Amuse Boho Pattern is wonderful.  The dress fits just as the design is intended to fit.  My size fits the shoulders and bust perfectly.  The issues I will discuss next have more to do with pattern and body mismatch.  I am always drawn to these flowy shapes.  I don't know if its a latent hippie gene or growing up too close to Santa Cruz.  They just draw me.  Unfortunately they are not my best silhouette.

So when I looked in the mirror, I was less than pleased with the overall look.  So much fabric!  From the side, I was thinking I'd be asked when the twins were due!  Oy.

So to tame the fabric I went with my old standby- a belt.  Yep, I wear belts more than I used to as my waistline seems to be disappearing.  I used to be a curvy hourglass shape with a belly but as I climb fully into my 40s, that hourglass is becoming more and more rectangle.  Time to experiment!

Which do you like?  Options 1 and 2 are definitely hugging my belly too much.  The belt in Option 2 is too loose, it might work if I punch another hole and get it to stay just a fraction higher.  Really though I'm loving Option 3.  I bloused the sides a little much in this picture but the proportions seem good to me.  

See, now I'm ready for a Summer date night!  Who wants to babysit 3 semi-feral kids?  

PS- the Amuse Boho Dress can be purchased at Winter Wear Designs, use the code AMUSEME for 20% off. (Sale is over)  Don't forget to head over to the blog, if you didn't come from there, and sign up for the give away.  

Check out all the stops on the tour:
Marta Glogger (guest blogger at Winter Wear Designs)

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