Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of cutting and sewing- not a lot of finishing!

For some reason I'm on a roll tracing patterns and cutting things out but just am not getting things finished. Urgh....

This is my current UFO list:
1 maternity shirt waiting on hems
1 pj shirt for ds waiting on hems
3 small footie pjs for baby waiting on snaps
1 cool black jacket for niece waiting on snaps
1 diaper cover waiting on snaps
3 embroidered PUL diaper cover cuts needing to be sewn up
1 PUL cut waiting for embroidery
4 diapers waiting for snaps
1 shirt for nephew waiting on hems
1 hoodie for nephew half-way done
2 longies needing elastic
1 wool soaker that will need elastic
1 wool soaker cut
1 pair of maternity pants cut
2 rtw shirts that are ready for inserts (had to let them out)
Ironing board cover needing elastic

Plus I've committed to making my niece 2 onesies, an oval crib sheet and some round pillows to finish her bedroom set. Urgh....

So what do I do? I've signed up for a SWAP!!!!! 12 pieces due June 12th!!!!! So I guess I'll be busy finishing up all these UFOs this week as I can't do anything with my sewing area all cluttered up. Wish me luck.

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