Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming back, really!

Its been an interesting few months since my last post. While I did sew quite a bit, I didn't document much. Well that is not entirely true as I did do some reviews for PR. So once again I'm recommitting to this blog! Truthfully I write posts in my head as I'm sewing but they never quite make it here. Oh well.

In my last post I mentioned working on the jacket from Otto. I actually ended up making 2 of those jackets. They turned out really cute. You can see the review on PR: Otto Jacket

Some of the other stuff I've made in the last few months:
A really cute hoodie for my niece for Christmas, she loves it and wears it almost everyday!
2 jackets from Kwik Sew 3367, other than my zippers curling a bit, I was really happy with those.
Another jacket from Ottobre, I made this one in a beautiful blue wool jersey, I'm sort of sad that its too warm to wear now.
Oh, this outfit was great- Simplicity 4074. I'm planning on making the dress next, well when I find the pattern again.

Fortunately for me, life is only getting more interesting. I am in transition for now. Most of my stuff was packed up and is waiting to be shipped overseas. I do have my sewing machines though, so there will be sewing!

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