Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bring on the Fall!

Not really, or maybe.  This time of year I get so sick of my summer clothes and, here, it is also the worst time for mosquitos.  So that means I'm ready to start layering up.  My late summer uniform is typically a light weight button up with a tank and shorts.  Pretty much like this- in fact I think I wore this with a black tank top yesterday.

Then at some point that switches to flannel or a cardigan.  I made some flannel shirts last year (Ottobre Women's Issue 5/2012).  In fact I still have one waiting on button holes.  They are great in early fall over tank or tee, then later with a vest or sweater on top.  

Since I have enough light weight shirts for now and its still 80/90 degrees I've decided to start my Fall sewing with cardigans.  Cardigans are great for the Fall and Spring (and for some in the winter too!).  I've avoided cardigans for the past decade due to always having small children around that pulled on my clothing.  Last Fall though, I wore them quite a bit and really loved having that piece I could remove when it got hot, pull on easily when it cooled and just gave you that extra bit of texture or color to complete your outfit.

 The striped cardigan here is actually a men's that I reshaped for me.  The bright pink is thrifted and the third is from the Swoon Cardigan pattern, its a freebie!  While I love that cardigan- I made 2 last Fall and 2 the Spring- its very fabric intensive.  I need 3 yards for my size.  I don't have 3 yards of sweater knit in my stash right now.  What I do have is 2 yards of this wonderful soft hacci with gold and black threads.

Still deciding what pattern to use but it will be from Ottobre.  Off to my sewing room!

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