Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Copy Cat Patricia

So I was getting out the Patricia pattern the other day, and checked out all the changes I made for the January Challenge.  Can't wait to sew up the new one.   It should be perfect.

Of course that made me realize I'd never blogged the final week- the Copy Cat version.  Yes, I know its June but hey, its my blog, so whatever I want!

The final week of Just for Me January was to Knock it Off.  I chose this gorgeous dress from JCrew.

you can see the rest of the collection here- J.Crew Spring and Summer 2015

Anyway, my inspiration was wonderfully beaded and decorated but I wanted to use the inspiration for a swim coverup.  Something much simpler.  So I chose a floral voile fabric I found in the Red Tag Section of JoAnns.

The inspiration had a cut on sleeve or dropped shoulder thing going on, I decided to do the cut on style for simplicity.  I took the shoulder seams and drew them out.  

Easy peasy.  Then I cut the floral pieces out and skinny-ed up the facing to match the inspiration.  

I used the pockets from the nightgown Patricia.  I topped the with some white fabric and ta-da, my Knock-it-Off!  

While I do love it, its a little more mumu than chic dress.  Oh well.  I am planning to add elastic to the back to shape it a little bit.  Hopefully that looks better otherwise it will end up as another comfy nightgown.  

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