Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another TV inspired Creation!

This is definitely the time of year where I sew a lot!  I love to sew for others and for myself.  I'm not that good though about focus.  Hence the ungodly number of UFOs (unfinished projects) hanging around in my craft room.  I do vow every year not to cut without sewing but I just get so excited and sometimes cutting out new projects is more relaxing than actually making them.

Well the Sew the Show Facebook page has really helped with the focus part.  I had fun last month thinking about the Walking Dead and those costumes.  This month the show was Firefly.  If you all haven't seen it, its a very short lived- as in 14 episodes- sci-fi series with a huge cult following.  It has a sort of Western meets space thing going on with some Asian influences in ambiance.  I tend to go for sci-fi and it surprised me I hadn't seen the show yet.  Lucky for me Netflix has it all there.  Yeah.  It was fun to watch- and I was very disappointed that there isn't more!  Oh well.

There are lots of fun things that I could have made from this series.  But the one thing that kept sticking out for me was Zoe's leather vest.  Dang, she's wearing a grungy shirt, tight pants but this vest, so awesome!

After thinking and thinking about it I decided to go for it.  I was pretty sure I had leather somewhere in my upcycle stash around somewhere... Plus I was pretty sure I had a princess seamed dress pattern already so I was half way there.

I decided to use the Sis Boom Rebecca as my base.  While the neckline is completely different it has the princess seams I wanted and it is very quick to put together.

I made a first muslin with this random poly suiting I've had floating around my craft room for ages.  Seemed to work well enough.  I needed to tighten it quite a bit and lower the neckline.  I was planning another muslin but ended up just going for the final product instead.

Well, despite the pictures above, I was really digging the look.  I decided that leather wasn't really going to work out for me.  Its just not the look that I really go for on a daily basis and I didn't want to make something for those random date nights that I keep hoping will be come more regular.  So I decided to do my final in comfy stretch fabrics.  

I used the same stretch burgundy corduroy from the Jalie jeans I made a few weeks back and this awesome quilted coated knit fabric I picked up at Joanns.  I love it- you'll see a few other projects in this as well.  The picture really does it no justice.  

The one thing I decided during construction was to omit the zipper.  One I didn't feel like putting it in and two, it suits my lifestyle for the vest to be a little looser than Zoe's.  Since I was using the stretchy fabrics it is super easy to just pull over my head.  

Now I had planned to do a more dressed up photo shoot- pencil skirt or skinny jeans and boots- but life and the weather got a little in the way.   I've had the vest hanging on my bathroom door for a week to take the pictures and just decided this morning to wear it and get them over with.  So this is what I wore to church this morning.  The pants are my modified Judy pants, so comfy but not the most stylish pair I could be wearing.  The rain did give me a chance to pull out my fun umbrella.  You cannot see in the pictures but when it gets wet, little cherry blossoms appear on the reddish part.  

Its really hard to see the details of the back, I'll take more pictures when I have a chance.  The back actually has SIX darts!  I wanted to shaped it as well as I could while still being able to slip it on over my head.  I think I did a good job.

And with that I need to get back to my sewing room!  I have so much going on, I am so excited.  The next few weeks are going to be so busy both in my sewing room and out.  

In my sewing room I'll be focusing on jammas- its that season again.  We'll get our traditional Christmas jammas and I've been living in these pjs the last few weeks, so I need another pair before hubby throws me permanently out of bed (this is the baby's bed).  

AND the super exciting news!  I'll be part of the Sew the Show 6 Degrees of Separation Tour! You can just make out my little head at the bottom there next to Katie.  I've already started working on these pieces.  Hopefully they will turn out as fun as they are in my head!

Lastly- I told you its a crazy season.  I am participating the GYPO Winter Style Challenge.  While I have most of the items on the new list there are a few things I'll be adding from my sewing room.  I have the red wool just waiting to become a great coat.  So fun!  

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