Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just for Me January

Okay take 2- I'd written a nice post to start off this month and its disappeared!  Uhm... wonder if 5 years between posts is just too long.

Anyway, I have decided to document my month's endeavors for the Scientific Seamstress' January Challenge.

Just for Me January

To make this easy for me and, hopefully, satisfying I decided also to work on just one pattern for all four weeks.  I'm using the Patricia.

The Patricia was my first Sis Boom pattern.  Its one I've always wanted to LOVE but only just like.  The style is great and the fit is forgiving but somehow it never turned out how I wanted.  I did blog about one here- My first Patricia Tunic.  I loved the fabric, the style and even the fit at first.  Something about it bugged me so I really only wore it a handful of times before giving it away.

I did make a more recent version last Spring.  Again I loved the idea of the tunic and do wear it quite a bit.  However I find myself fussing with it constantly.  Tugging it here, tugging it there, all leads me to conclude the fit just isn't working.  I do think the style looks good on me so I'm going to turn this pattern into a TNT!

Some of the things I've decided to work on are- the boat neck, its not working for me, I find myself tugging it over all day long.  The other is the front opening, the way it swings open like that.  In addition its just too high when closed, which could be why its constantly opening  And the sleeves, which I'd actually fixed for the Spring version.  I don't really like the pleating on the top of the sleeve, makes my already broad shoulders broader.  

Okay, so if there are so many things, why this pattern?  Because I love it!  The pieces come together so nicely, the style is easy-breezy, the directions and options are amazing, plus I already own it.  

Stay tuned for the journey.  

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