Saturday, October 31, 2015

Christmas? Am I ready?

Turns out we have less than 8 weeks until Christmas.  While that seems like a lot of time- I mean its 2 months!  My calendar for the next month is crazy and it hasn't even started yet.  Oy!  I can only imagine what December will look like!  Oh and my mother is coming for the holidays which means I loose my sewing room in 5 weeks!

I really need a game plan now!  My husband and I have been lowering our spending for the holidays the last few years and its a trend we're planning on continuing.  Still I love presents and want to give nice things to my family and a few others in our lives.  So while I've always sewn for the holidays- clothing and random decor.  I've been focusing on sewing (or knitting) gifts the last few years.

When I first started hubby wouldn't let me give my sewn gifts to others- he didn't think it was enough of a gift.  I ignored him and he's come around.  Home made gifts are always well received by the folks I've chosen to gift to.  I am selective though.  I know some folks just will not see the value.  They get a nice card.

Anyway I really need to plan it out.  Last year I waited until the last minute so gifts were shorted. I sewed up a fire with logs for our Camping themed Christmas (most of the gifts were camping related), my daughter got a fluffy robe, my husband got some pj pants (not pictured) and the oldest got a knitted minecraft hat (which he didn't like so I undid it and remade it before school started up).

I will be making Christmas jammas as I do every year (the kid in the minecraft hat is wearing last years).  My dd's dress from last year will still fit so I may just make something for the boys that coordinates.  Or I may make a new one.  See what I mean- I haven't even started and am already adding!

Okay.  I do know that I will be making a sleepsack type thing for my husband.  He requested this for the winter.  I just have to figure out the logistics of it.  He wants something like this one from Skymall.  I'm thinking I can hack Jalie 3244 to make it happen.

I'm thinking about making my mom some shirts.  She is having her breast reconstruction surgery next month so I suspect she'll be needing to change up some of her shirts.  I won't know until she gets here though so that might not work.  She has been traveling a lot so maybe a travel wallet?  Knitting bag? Uhm.... 

Then there are the children.  What to make for them that they would find fun?  My oldest son would probably love a sleep sack of his own.  That might be an option for him.  I have this old car stuffy panel I could use for the baby.  I picked it up at Goodwill when my oldest was little enough to enjoy it.  Girl child?  I have a ton of doll clothes patterns and she doesn't play with dolls.  

I need ideas!!!

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