Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yes, I am sewing

I keep meaning to pop over here and blog something to keep up the momentum.  I know I said I would talk about the Katie dress next time.  Needless to say its not done.  Maybe this week.  I just cannot figure out how to fix my biggest peeve with a wonderful pattern.  More another time on that.

I did spend today doing buttonholes- my plaid shirt finally has buttonholes!  I'll hopefully wear that this week and put a picture up.

I've also been working on random things for the kids.  I pledged to work only from Ottobre this month- barring the unfinished projects cut from other patterns.  So far so good.  I'll post those soon too.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this top I made in August from Ottobre Women's issue 5/2013, design 16.  I love the shape of this top.  I've been wearing quite a bit of my home made wardrobe this week and just loving it!

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