Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Sewing!

Today is the day, I WILL start my Christmas sewing. I have an ever growing list of projects lined up for Christmas. I just realized today that I'll be gone for a few days next week, so that means I can't sew on those days, urgh.

Well, my plan is to cut, cut, cut then sew, sew, sew. Hopefully that will make things go faster. We'll see. Here's my list and plan:

1. the skirts for the little nieces- they're all getting the spiral skirt from youcanmakethis.com with matching embroidered tops. I'll do the tops while I'm working on the nephew's gifts.

2. The nephew's gifts- pajamas. I know so boring but they're boys.

3. Bags for the older nieces. The two older ones are getting the hobo bag from Indygo Junction and the younger one will get a messenger style bag.

4. Cloth grocery bags for brothers and sils without kids.

5. Ornament for Fiber Arts Exchange.

So those are the definite projects- I want them all finished by the 15th. Now if I have time before then I'm also thinking of adding some projects for my brothers and sils but we'll see. After the 15th, I'll start working on the projects closer to home:

1. Embroidered ornaments for fil & girlfriend and for sil.
2. Christmas outfit for crumb-catcher.
3. Pajamas for crumb-catcher and dh (if the ones I made 2 years ago don't fit) plus shirts to match (just embroidered tees).

I think thats all, again we'll see. The list doesn't look so daunting on the screen. Oh- I have to finish my coat this week so I can take it on my trip. I guess I'd better get to it.

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