Saturday, February 20, 2016

Its On!

Really it is!  So Becca our illustrious leader over on the FB Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along issued a challenge to sew up a Spring Capsule in a week.  She wrote about it on her blog, go check it out, I'll wait.

The idea is to pick stash fabrics and easy to sew patterns so that you can put together your capsule in a week.  Really its two, but the first week has just been about pulling fabrics and planning.  She came up with various Sudoku style capsules as a jumping off point.

I've been in a sewing funk.  I've been sewing but not feeling all inspired so I figured why not?  I also decided to give up fabric shopping for Lent- its hard!  Two reasons I decided to jump on board.  Oh and lastly my mother will be taking over my sewing room in a week for a short enough visit that I'm not going to set up elsewhere but long enough that I'll get withdrawals!  (9 days)

I started by pulling fabrics.  I decided that I would use the Jalie jeans that I cut out a while ago but haven't made as one of my bottoms and sort of based the rest of the fabrics on what went well with those.

I then tried to look for patterns I'd already made to make things easier.  Tried is the key word as I ended up with 3 new to me patterns.  Oh well.  Since I was using a few new patterns I did throw in RTW pants to make my life a little easier.  The wool sweater also is a nod to the fact that its still in the 40s around here.  Ugh...  The process was fun and I'm inspired.  I can't wait to start sewing all these up!!

Stay tuned!

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