Friday, February 19, 2016

January got a way from me....

Oy!  I got steamrolled in January.  I started off strong but then THE blizzard of the century hit us!  Really!  Did I ever mention I grew up in sunny California?  What that meant is that my kids got a second Winter Vacation.  Between the snow days, the teacher workdays that were already scheduled, some holiday and weekends they had 14 days off.  I was ready to snow shoe out of here!

Of course that doesn't mean I didn't sew.  I sewed and sewed and sewed, just to be able to hide away from the madness.  But it does mean that I didn't do any sewing that involved thought.  With kids busting in all day- mine, their friends, random neighborhood kids!- needing food, water, dry clothes, and whatever else children need, I only sewed things that were quick and easy.

Each of the children got a Hey June Hatteras Hoodie.  This one is for the oldest, he got the hoodie version.  The girl child ended up with 3 of view B, one was too small so its gone and the other two are in rotation but for some reason I didn't photograph them.  The little one got 3 also but without hoods.  And then I used the Field Research pants pattern to make a pair of flannel lined pants for both the younger ones.

And here it is almost the end of February!!!  I ended and began January with some pattern testing that I really should blog about.  Both patterns are adorable.  I also tested another pattern in February and sewed random bits of things.  Which brings me to my latest adventure.

I love having a plan with my sewing but seem to seldom actually do it!  I'm finishing off February with a bang- hopefully.  I'm going to join my fellow sewers on the Capsule Facebook page in a quick capsule sew along.  Yeah!  We're not all sewing the same things but the challenge was to come up with a quick sew capsule AND sew it.  Since I've gone on long enough here, I'll write up a post all about my plan tomorrow.

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