Monday, February 22, 2016

The Weekend's Results

Okay, the weekend was supposed to be a marathon of printing and/or tracing patterns and then cutting fabric.  I did do those and a few extra things.

I had to make a substitution.  After tracing and sewing up a too small muslin for the Sew Straight and Gather Legends Top, I went to cut it out of my leopard print and realized I did not have enough fabric!  So I found a top in my trusty Oottobre issues that would work with the amount of fabric I had.  I used #16 in issue 2/2011.  I've made this top a few times- I actually have 2 in my closet right now.  It was a super quick sew; I just need to hem it.

I also cut out and started on the Little Lizard King Library Cardigan.   Turns out though that this is not as quick of a sew as it looks.  I got it to the point where I need to topstitch the neck band.  I'm going to do it on my cover stitcher but need to do the hems on the leopard print shirt before I change up the colors.

Since my coverstitch machine was upstairs, I was sewing in my basement and between the two were three children that would need me, I decided it was safer to remain behind the locked door!   So I moved on to my modified Day Tripper.  

The strange thing is that I actually dislike this pattern as is.  It made me look bigger than I am and just didn't suit my figure.  I was tempted to just buy a new one.  I've been seeing such cute versions of the La Bella Donna and almost caved.  Its more along the lines of what I wanted.  Then I remembered I had adjusted the Day Tripper quite a bit already.  I made this black one a few months ago and really liked the shape.  

I had added the cowl and neck line from the Halifax Hoodie pattern.  For the new one I added a little extra height to the cowl.    

I wish I had been able to put the flowers just a little higher but I was working with a panel I bought in Japan- so it was sized for someone shorter than I am.  I've had it for a while but never quite figured out how to use it.  The back is actually french terry and so cozy.  Its supposed to go with my olive pants in the capsule and I'm loving the way it works with the burgundy I was wearing yesterday too.  Yeah! 

I also found the Ann Taylor copy pattern and cut that top out.  Unfortunately I misplaced the other Ottobre issue I need for my capsule.   Funny enough I have the pattern sheets so I was able to have a sewing friend give me the page and lines I need for the top.  I'll trace that today.  Hopefully I can find the issue though as I think I need the directions!  

I'm trekking along.  We'll see if I make the deadline, this week is crazy busy for me.  I'm actually going to be sewing at night which is usually only a holiday sewing thing.  

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