Monday, March 7, 2016

Results of my Capsule in a Week

for now...

I didn't get it all done.  Wasn't really expecting to as I had to prepare for a visit from my mom, oral surgery for my oldest and the myriad of random tasks that make up a stay at home mom's life.

I did however get some done and have even worn at least one outfit! I'll start with that one, I actually modeled it last post but here it is with the Jalie Jeans I made in the fall.  I love this look and got lots of compliments on it.  I may, however, move this outfit to my Fall Wardrobe.  The colors say Fall to me.


Then the Ottobre leopard print top.  I wish I'd had another inch or two in length on this top.  I wonder if a band would look good?  Maybe I'll play with it this week after mom leaves.

My AnnTaylor Copy Cat.  I know I'll be wearing this top this week (with a cami!) so I'll update with a better picture then.

And the unfinished Library Cardigan.  I'm not loving this design as much as I thought.  I have to finish it and wear it but I'm not sure it will have a permanent place in my Spring Wardrobe.

So that leaves me with the Jalie Jeans and Ottobre top still to go.  I'll sew up the pants this week and the muslin for the top.  I want to make sure it works for me before I cut up my hoarded fabric.

Well thats my- more than a week Capsule.  I love the week concept so I think after sewing our Easter wear and the dresses/romper for the wedding we're headed to in April, I'll come up with another capsule plan.

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