Friday, April 29, 2016

Back to Basics Sewing

So I am trying to hasten Spring by just going ahead and pulling out my Spring wardrobe.  Unfortunately I don't think its actually working as I sit here typing this in my hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt and insulated Bog rain boots.  Almost exactly like this picture.  On the positive side, I'm loving this hoodie.  Its from Ottobre 5/2012.

The only trouble I have with it is that the coat is supposed to be lined and I didn't line it.  That means that my pockets pop out when I put anything in them.  I need to figure out how to attach them retroactively.  

 Anyway, that will be a project for another day.

This week, I wanted to join my friend Katie for her Back to Basics Sew-A-Long.  Essentially the week is supposed to be dedicated to those boring basics I end up just running to the store to buy cheap instead of taking the time to make them.

Normally I do buy t-shirts and tanks, they aren't expensive.  I'll make them when I'm in the mood but I've never actually set out to make them on purpose.  Well there was the time I made the gray t-shirt because I needed one and didn't feel like going to the store, but really thats a rarity.

However as I was pulling out my Spring clothing I was noticing that many the "cheap" shirts I bought last year had all managed to become too wide and too short.  The necklines were laying funny as well.  Then there are the tanks.  I have been buying larger sizes as I don't like things skin tight- especially the thin cheap tanks.  Well the armholes on the larger sizes are crazy huge.  Last year I went ahead and fixed the straps on a few and made them too small.  Oy!

That brings me to my sewing for the week!  I got off to a slow start as we spent the weekend out of town and I just could not motivate on Monday.  I did sew up 2 t-shirts from Ottobre 2/11 on Tuesday, no hems done though.  I've been wanting a green t-shirt for a while so here it is.  And then the basic white with half sleeves.  I'm planning another white with short sleeves as well.

On the white one I also did a neck band instead of lining as the pattern is written.

Then on Wednesday, I actually worked on a test pattern for my oldest instead.  Whoops.   So Thursday I whipped up this red t-shirt from a different pattern in Ottobre 2/11.  The V-neck back isn't as pronounced as I thought it would be.  Still I love it.  Loved it enough that I actually changed into it for the rest of the day.  I have an aqua one cut out to sew up in the afternoon.

No tanks though.  I had done a muslin of Jalie 3245 in preparation, but the weather this week was crazy and cold so I just could not motivate to make tanks.  I also need to get a good accounting of what tanks I really need.   Next time.

I also worked on a muslin of Cake's Janthina Shell.  The straps were way too long on me and I needed to take out about 2 inches at the shoulder which made the front too short.  I'm liking the style though and want to make it with the ruffles.

That will wrap up my Basics week for now.  I do have some more solids for tees and tanks that will get done between other projects.

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