Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 1 of Made by Me May

Made by Me May is so fun to watch and track as I've been doing for the past few years.  Every year when it rolls around I think, next year I'll do it.  Next year I'll be ready.  It can't be that hard, right?
Well next year finally rolled around- about 2 or 3 years later- with a little push from Katie over at Creative Counselor.  She mentioned it on the Capsule Wardrobe Facebook page.  I decided this would be the year!  Of course, if you actually scroll through the comments on the MMMay page, I didn't actually make a pledge there.  oops.  I'll do it now.

"I, Maria from MSL Creations, sign up as a participant in Made-by-Me May '16.  I endeavor to wear an article of clothing made by me each day for the duration of May 2016."

Uhm... doesn't seem to hard.  I have quite an extensive collection of made by me pieces in my wardrobe.  I wanted this to be a little challenging but not overwhelming so I figured that I would incorporate my made by me pieces with the style prompts from my other Facebook haunt Style Sisters.  That group was formed by former challengers in the GYPO Style Challenges.  These challenges are really fantastic.  I decided, though, after the Winter Challenge that I needed to take a break.  The colors and styles weren't as inspiring as they had been at the beginning when I was still trying to get out of my frumpy rut.  Anyway with the Style Sisters in mind I added this addendum to my challenge:

I will also follow the prompts from Style Sisters in my Made-by-Me May challenge.  

Again, really, how hard could that be?  Yep, laugh now.  It actually turned out to be more challenging than I thought- mostly due to the fact that Winter is just not wanting to loosen its grip!  Well I guess thats Spring here- one day 70 the next 50 and raining.  So fun.  Well without further talkie-talkie, here is Week 1.  

Sunday, May 1st, Okay, now I did not decide to work with the prompts until May 2, so this was my own thing.  Comfy for Sunday.  All from Ottobre magazine. 

Monday, May 2, style prompt- stripes, something nautical.  Now not so much on target but I am wearing stripes.  These are the Seamwork Moji pants- my muslin for a day at home.  

Tuesday, May 3, style prompt- Spring Blazer, the t-shirt is a made by me from Ottobre

Wednesday, May 4, style prompt- build an outfit around a favorite necklace.  I'll admit I didn't actually build the outfit around the necklace but the necklace is a favorite.  Tee shirt is Ottobre, pants are modified Sis Boom Judy.  

 May 5, style prompt- show us a Bargain outfit, here I have my $3 sweater with my $1.50 scarf and Jalie Jeans I made from $3 fabric.

May 6, style prompt- Run for the Roses, Red and pinks.  I, of course, read Roses.  I only had summer roses- as in sleeveless- so I whipped up (sorry Sam) this Hey June Halifax up for the day.  Love it.  

May 7, style prompt- show a Date Night outfit.  Now hubby and I did not go on a date night tonight so this outfit is the one I made for a rehearsal dinner we went to last month.  Its a heavy modified version of Simplicity 1142.  I actually wore it with gold flat sandals, which was a godsend as we walked quite a bit that night.

For the Made by Me challenge though I couldn't not wear handmade so I pulled out the blue shirt I made for my Walking Dead Sew the Show post back in October.  Really love this shirt and so far the hole hasn't grown.  This pic is from then, I didn't take a pic today.  I wore it with boyfriend jeans, a pink tank and leopard flats.

So that wraps up week 1.  I'm hoping to be better with the style prompts this week- some were a bit of a stretch, no?  Anyway here's to next week!!

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Sarah Boses said...

Love your photos! Great work in the me made!

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