Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Made by Me Week 2

I have been struggling with the outfits.  Partly the weather and partly uninspired by my wardrobe.  I have to really look at that here shortly.  I think its partly a seasonal thing- I need a Spring wardrobe that works better.  Oh well.  Here we go.

Week 2-
Sunday, style prompt: Mother's day outfit.  On the left, Greenstyle Katie Peplum for church and rainy morning.  Changed into Target tee (that needs replacing) and denim Colette Iris Shorts.

Monday, style prompt- Print Top or Check it out Gingham.  Love this Sis Boom Patricia Top I made a few years ago.  Its such a great light-weight voile.  The picture though reminds me I need to wear it with a slippery cami.  

Tuesday, style prompt- Striped Dress.  So I ventured a little off here since I rarely wear dresses.  I did go with stripes, a lightweight Greenstyle Lacey Slope Tee.  

Wednesday, style prompt- copy cat an outfit.  I did copy cat this from pinterest but of course cannot find the pin.  I'll have to add it later.  The t-shirt is from Ottobre 2/11.  

Thursday, style prompt- denim vest or jacket.  The striped shirt is from Ottobre.  

Friday, style prompt- wear something you haven't worn in a while.  This Sis Boom Tortola top is the first I made.  I don't think I wore it at all last summer.  Truthfully as much as I like the fabric something pulls across the back funny.  I will need to replace it.  

Saturday, style prompt- favorite casual wear.  This look is so my weekend- well any day- wear.  The top is a copy cat from my favorite Ann Taylor top.  I wore the blue one last week and blogged about it back in October for my Walking Dead post.  

And thats week 2.

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