Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Made by Me Week 3

Yes I'm posting these both on the same day.  I didn't want one long post with both weeks.  So here we are with week 3.  The style prompts are from my friends at Style Sisters on Facebook.  Combining my two current passions- sewing and improving my style.

Sunday, style prompt- Show us a new item.  Okay, no picture.  I was sick this Sunday.  I know I was wearing something me made as most of my lounge and pjs are me made.  No pic though.

Monday, style prompt- Favorite warm weather completer piece.  Mine is this ladder necklace I bought for the GYPO Summer Style Challenge in 2014.  I hemmed and hawed since I rarely wear necklaces and was still nursing a munchkin who pulled on anything that he could grab.  I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it.  Mine is a copy cat from Zulily that has held up beautifully.  Here I'm wearing it with a long sleeve store bought t-shirt, my green Swoon cardigan and jeans.  Don't let the sunshine fool you, it was cold.

Tuesday, style prompt- Favorite Skirt.  This jean skirt was a recent- long looked for- purchase from Goodwill.  I've been searching for a jean skirt for a few years, everywhere!  Got lucky last month at Goodwill.  I paired it with my modified Day Tripper top, wool tights and rainboots!  It was a record month for rainfall.  

Wednesday, style prompt- Pattern or Favorite shoes.  Well I can safely say these are my favorite shoes.  They are shearling lined slippers from LLBean.  I'm pretty sure I spent this day in bed still recovering.  Ugh.  I am wearing a Hey June Halifax and heavily modified Sis Boom Judy sweatpants.  

Thursday, style prompt- Leapin' Leopard!  Okay, I was finally feeling better so I went all out.  I'm wearing the leopard top I made for my capsule (Ottobre pattern) with my favorite leopard Bobs and fun leopard watch.  Bright pink cardigan to call the Spring.  

Friday, style prompt- Graphic Tee.  This tank is an up cycled t-shirt using a pattern from my trusty Ottobre magazines.  

Saturday, style prompt- Feelin' the Blues, wear denim.  Rain, rain go away!!!  Its never ending.  I managed to get out to take a picture most days during the break.  No luck on Saturday.  While you can't see it well I am wearing jeans.  I topped them with an Ottobre t-shirt from the awesome sewing collage fabric and panel from Affordable Fabrics (a little bit of a misnomer!).  I think I may need to budget some $$ for another panel, I love it.  

Woo Hoo!  A week and a half to go.  I'm definitely going to be spending time culling my closet after this experience.  I want more Me Made and some days I struggled to reach for them.

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