Friday, February 8, 2008

McCalls 4471- swimsuit

So this swimsuit was a UFO, I'm not sure if it was on my list from before but it should have been. Anyway, I actually really enjoyed making this and cannot wait to make another despite its not an ideal fit. Funny.

The pattern is for a two-piece but the top was too short so I just sewed it to the bottom to make it a one-piece. I love the halter and the fit of the top. It has elastic on both sides of the bra top so it really stays put. I actually tested it out today. I played with the munchkin in the pool and even swam some laps. The only serious fit issue I had was that the bottom is a bit too narrow at the bottom of the bottom (rides up).

I'm definitely going to make this again. I was thinking of doing something like those that they had in the Land's End catalog that are "adjustable." Yup, I'm going to be making a swimsuit real soon!

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