Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrapbooking Tote

So I gave my sil and her girls a bunch of handbags and totes that I was bored with. Yes, I'm terrible about these things- I love to make them but then I'm over them. Anyway my sil liked one of the bags I made last spring for my trip to Australia. It was a modified version of McCalls P377 (renumbered 4851), I had made it smaller and changed the straps/pockets. She actually wanted the bag bigger in every direction so she could use it for lugging around her scrapbooking stuff. Cool, fun!

So, of course, it started with a trip to JoAnns for more fabric. Okay, it didn't have to but I have no willpower- they were having a 50% off all clearance fabric. The only good thing I can say about that trip is that I have used 4 of the fabrics I bought. If you really want to know thats 1/5th of the total fabric purchase.

One of the fabrics was the one I used on this bag. Its lined with a Bratz fabric that she actually gave me a few weeks ago, left over from her younger dd's room. I embroidered her initials and a surprise snowlady on the inside (she loves snowmen). I did change up the handles, wanted to try that technique- saw it on Sewing with Nancy while I was cutting out this bag.

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