Friday, February 8, 2008

UFO wrap up

I know its already almost 2 weeks into February! Well, the UFO contest went well, I finished 12 items, yipee!!

Unfortunately, I still have 12 more sitting around. What can you do? I'll save them for the next contest. I did end up throwing away the baby carrier, I don't need it and don't know anyone right now who would use it. Just needed to get it out of here.

This shirred shirt was my last project- I used my cording foot on my coverstitch machine to put the elastic cord then stretched the cord and sewed the seam. I just had the stretching and seam to do. I had already done the rolled hem on top and bottom as well as having stitched the rows- totally mind-numbing. Won't be making one of these again anytime soon.

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